UK Inheritance Tax Calculator

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Below you’ll find two calculators one for a couple where both people are british. The other is for couples where one partner is British and the other isn’t (Non-UK Domicile).
Choose whichever one is applies to you and fill in the information. At the time of publishing the allowances that we’ve used in the calculators are correct. Though this may not be the case at the time that you’re downloading it. You are able to update the allowance rates and thresholds at thetop of the page.
Fill in any sections that aren’t pre-populated with a formula. The calculator will give you an idea of your potential IHT liability.
Click on the relevant link below to download your copy of the calculator!
[wpfd_single_file id="3217" catid="87" name="UK Domicile Couple IHT Calc"]
[wpfd_single_file id="3216" catid="87" name="Non-UK Domicile Spouse IHT Calc"]
Once you know how much your IHT liability could be then you can take the necessary steps do deal with the issue.

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