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Travel medical

Travel Medical insurance provides comprehensive global cover for overseas trips. These could be long stays or shorter trips up to 45 days. The extent of the cover will vary from one plan to another. The main purpose of these policies is to cover medical expenses when you travel overseas.
When we travel the last thing that we think of is getting sick or having an accident. Though getting sick or having an accident in a foreign country could ruin you. A 10 day spell in a US hospital could set you back over £230,000. Getting stitches in a foreign country could cost £2,000. Having a heart attack in a foreign country resulting in an emergency bypass £115,000. You’d need specialist medical repatriation after that so add another £35,000.
Travel medical insurance is very affordable. If you don’t have international health insurance then travel medical is a must. Assuming you won’t get sick or hosptalised isn’t smart. When you travel overseas check with your insurer that they’ll cover you. If they don’t get yourself some travel medical insurance.


Policies can run on a single trip for a minimum period of 5 days up to 2 years or on an annual renewable multi-trip basis.
The total benefit sum ranges from $50,000 to $8million depending on what you need. Policies are available for individuals, families and groups of 5 or more. Your travel medical insurance can be set up on a single trip basis up to 24 months or an annual multi-trip basis.
Here are some of the global benefits the policies provide up to the chosen limit:
  • Hospital Room & Board
  • Intensive Care
  • Outpatient Medical Expenses
  • Local Ambulance
  • Emergency Room Accident
  • Dental – Injury Due to Accident
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation
  • Trip Interruption
  • Identity Theft
  • Lost Luggage
Optional riders may be available on policies such as Adventure Sport, AD&D and Chaperone. You’ll get 24 hour access to highly qualified coordinators. These are multilingual specialists accustomed to dealing in different currencies & timezones.

Peace of mind wherever you travel

who it's for

Anyone living overseas using a local health insurance and traveling to another country. Travel medical insurance is what you need.
If you’re an expat and your health insurance only works in your current coutry of residence. If you’re taking the family for a holiday in another country you’ll need medical insurance. A travel & medical policy will give you what you need for the whole family.
You may be a business person who is going to travel overseas for your company. You may not have any health insurance or it might not cover you in another country. A travel medical policy is what you need.
Your school may be planning an overseas trip. You have to make sure that all the staff and students have medical cover. A group travel & medical policy will make sure that you can do this.
If your sports team is going on an overseas tour or you’re going to a sporting event in another country. A travel and medical insurance policy will give you protection for the whole group.
Your child may be part of an oversea exchange program through their school or university. You’ll want to know that they can afford to get treatment if they need it. Setting up a travel & medical policy for them gives you the peace of mind that you’ll need.

If you're a group, School or company who needs cover then let us know what you need!

Single or Multi-Trip?


A multi-trip policy is an annual renewable policy that means that it runs for a year. At the end of that year you can choose to renew it or not. It will give you cover every time you travel overseas in a policy year.
There will be a maximum trip duration that you choose when you set up the policy. This is either 30 or 45 days per trip. If you choose the longer trip option then your premium will be higher.
If you travel frequently during the year either for pleasure or business it’s a good option. Rather than having to set up a new policy each time you travel it’s one less headache. It will workout much cheaper than setting up a new policy each time you travel.
Multi-trip travel medical insurance gives the the frequent traveler both convenience and economy.

Single Trip

Single trip travel medical insurance lasts for the whole time you’re away. This could be days,weeks, months or even years and you can get a policy that fits your circumstances.
A single trip policy can last from 5 days up to 24 months. You know your departure and return dates. So you can use these as the start and end dates for the policy. Though you might want to leave yourself a bit of wiggle room on the way back just in case.
A single trip policy is ideal for the infrequent traveler going overseas for short stays.
It is also perfect for anyone who is planning to travel for a lengthy period. If you have kids going on a gap year or exchange program. You may be planning to take the kids out of school for 6 or 12 months to travel as a family. A single trip policy is the ideal solution.

What You should know!

The press is full of stories about people stuck overseas facing big medical bills. They’re unable to come home because they need a specialist medical evacuation and they can’t pay for it. Many of them didn’t have travel insurance though there are also many who did. In the latter case their insurer refused to pay their medical bills leaving them high and dry.
Stories like these don’t endear us to insurance companies and sadly if they have a reason not to pay they’ll use it.
We guarantee that all the cases you read about will have one thing in common. That’s a condition that the insured had and didn’t disclose to the insurer. They may have had it at the point of application or it could have been a diagnosis that came later. It doesn’t matter it’s a reason for the inurer not to pay.
People refer to the fact that they weren’t asked any medical questions when they applied. This may well be true and yet here’s a word of warning. If you apply for travel insurance and you don’t get asked medical questions, be suspicious.
People think that it’s a good thing when this doesn’t happen, it isn’t! We don’t like it because we find it stressful. There’s a chance we can get rejected and nobody likes that. Though it’s better to get rejected and know that you’re not covered. Paying premiums then thinking you’re covered and then ending up stuck.
When you apply for travel insurance, give a detailed account of your medical history. Disclose any medication that you may be taking now and any procedures you’ve had.
If you have a multi-trip annual policy and find out you’ve got a condition after it’s set up. Then make sure that you tell your insurer about it. It’s better to face a higher premium next time around than to find out you don’t have it when you need it.
Do this and you won’t have a problem!
Don't give your insurer an excuse
Disclose Your Medical History

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