International Life Insurance

the policy

what we have!

We’ve brought competitive rates to international life insurance.
No fat upfront commissions on the policies that we recommend.
We’re delivering cost effective and flexible International Life cover.
We’ve partnered with international providers. Each with specific strengths in key areas.
International Life Insurance
Which means, we’re able to look for the most suitable option for you and keep it competitive. 
We look for partners who offer world class support for their policy holders.
Experience is key when it comes to tailoring policies that people want.
What would you want?
Help with setting the policy up in the first place?
Easy maintenance for when you move or want to change the way you pay your premiums?
Clear and simple claims process?
You’re nodding right!
Good, because that’s what we’ve looked for…
Also knowing that your insurer has the resources to pay claims is essential
We also make sure that the partners are able to pay genuine claims fast and in full.
Often this comes down to the quality of reinsurers or underwriters that they use. 
So we make sure that our partners only use the biggest and the best.
Companies with an international presence understand what it takes to provide global cover.
International Life Insurance Financial security

the details

We offer several different types of international life insurance policies.
Annual renewable, level term, decreasing term or non investment whole of life are all available.
What about disability or critical illness cover?
These benefits can be added to the policy at outset.
There are flexible premium options available.
These allow for level or increasing premiums whichever suites your circumstances best.
You can also index your benefit amount. So it rises each year to take account of inflation.
There’s a choice of US Dollars, Pound Sterling or Euros.
Policies are available for Individuals, trustees or corporations.
So they’re ideal for personal protection, estate planning or business protection.
Premiums depend on where you live and if you move country the amount you pay can change.
Though in every case your cover continues.
No further underwriting needed
Global coverage, continuity and portability wherever you move!
global solutions for expats

who it's for

International life insurance for expats, overseas residents or anyone that needs global cover.
People who have assets, liabilities, in different countries or currencies.
Trustees covering liabilities that can occur on the death of a beneficial owner.
Or anyone associated with the trust who’s passing may cause loss or liability.
Multi-national companies who need to provide corporate benefits for their expat staff. 
Entrepreneurs who’ve identified opportunities overseas and now need key man insurance. 
It’s for anyone who needs international Life insurance! 

International life insurance

flexible protection designed for expats everywhere

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"fun is like life insurance the older you get the more it costs"

Kin Hubbard

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