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Expat Health Insurance is
the only real option!

Expat health insurance is a must when you’re living overseas.
You have no idea when you’re  going to be sick or have an accident. If you’re an expat then that treatment or hospitalisation will come with a bill. And those bills can be big something serious could set you back hundreds of thousands
So how do you pay for that?
Well that’s where health insurance comes in…
We say that the only option for you is Expat Health Insurance. International coverage that gives you treatment options when you need them
But more about that later…

In most cases...

For many expats that insurance comes in the form of an employer benefit   That may be the case for you also, so, if I asked you who and what does this health insurance cover?   Would you be able to answer me?   Most of the time when I ask this question the answer is no   Don't you think you should know what you're covered for?   Because by the time you figure out that you've got a problem   Guess what it's going to be too late to do anything about it   So, you see why it's so important to know who what and where your health insurance covers you

International Health Insurance Isn't one size fits all

When it comes to health insurance what’s right for you isn’t always what’s right for someone else. Factors such as age, location, dependents and benefits package influence choices.
That’s because providers will decide on which market sector they want to focus on…
The best solution for a couple with children won’t be the same as someone retiring abroad. Also the insurance companies definitions can vary also which can influence your treatment.
Sometimes providers will group some benefits with others. This could mean that if you want to include dental for example you’ll end up paying for maternity as well.
That policy may work for some people though it’s not going to suite others. Having someone who understands these differences is important…
If you’re going to get the best cover for you!

No One Complains About The Cost Of Health Insurance

When They're Lying In A Hospital Bed
travel insurance to pay medical bills

Have you ever heard this?

Have you ever heard or read this…
“XYZ are a bunch of crooks! Terrible health insurance took my money and then refused to pay my claim”
We see it all of the time, and you know what some health insurers are better than others.
The thing is though, in almost every single one of these cases…
Travel Insurance

The Problem is...

These people have either got the wrong policy or it wasn’t set up properly in the first place.
You’ve read that last paragraph and you’re thinking “What are you talking about, how can it be set up wrong?”
Well there’s more than one way to set up a health insurance policy
Most people want to set their policy up quickly no questions asked.
Health care changes when you become an expat

Remember Why
You're doing it!

That’s fine until you make a claim!
The object  how fast you set up your policy.It’s what’s going to happen when you make a claim
We know how to set up a health insurance policy so you know if it’s going to pay out or not
And guess what? Whether you go direct to the insurer or you come through us…
You’re going to pay the same!

International Health Insurance is an expats only option!

We said we’d explain why International health insurance is the only option for an expat.
 So, here goes, we’re keeping this brief
There’s a number of reasons why international health insurance is your best option. And it all comes down to portability. When it comes down to health insurance this counts on more than one level
First of all when you go back to your home country for a visit, the chances are you don’t qualify for cover there anymore
Then we’ve got the issue of treatment options where you currently live. Even countries that have fantastic health care facilities…
Don’t always have the best treatment options. This can mean that you need to travel to another country to get the healthcare that we want. So you get it? Right?
Then we have the big one!
It won’t apply to everyone though it will to many. What happens when you move to another country?
You want cover that’s going to continue, Right?
Because if you don’t have that and now you’ve got a pre-existing condition what is that going to mean?

Do You Have Portable Health Insurance?

Healthcare Wherever You Are

Portability means that you'll always have cover...

What you should know about expat health insurance...

Making sure your family get what they need quickly
We’ve already touched on some of these already though we want to summarise…
What’s important for you to know!
The first thing you should ask yourself is “do I have health insurance?”
Next thing is, what does it cover?
After that you want to know, Who does it cover?
Then we’ll move onto where does it provide you with cover? If you travel outside of your current country of residence would it pay your claim?
Now we want to know whether there are any potential policy exclusions…
Which means a claim could get declined.

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