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Valuation Services

It’s very common for an expat to accumulate a portfolio of offshore financial products after living overseas for a number of years.

These may have been acquired from the same or a number of different advisers.

Whether you are happy with what you have or they fill you with regret you still need to know how they are doing.

If you’ve lost touch with your adviser or you’re not receiving reports we can help.

We provide a subscription based   consolidated online valuation service that gives  access to all of your offshore policies.

Admin Services

You may have questions about your policies that you would like answers to.

You may plan to move or have moved already and need to change the address for your policies though you’re not sure where to start.

It could be that your credit/debit card has expired or you just want to change the account where you pay premiums.

Your policy may have lapsed and you want to get it going again and the only thing stopping you is the paperwork involved.

If you need to make a withdrawal or want to know the implications if you surrendering your policy.

You could have even decided that it’s time to surrender one of them and the prospect is daunting.

Subscribe to our “Admin Services” and we can deal with all of these issues as and when you need help. 


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Investment Services

If you have an offshore regular savings policy or life bond then you will have investment decisions to make or you want someone to do this for you.

If it’s the latter then we can do this for you. We’ll make an assessment of  you current holdings and your expectations.

Then we’ll make sure that these are inline with each other and remain that way.

We’ll managed the assets and make sure that the policy is rebalanced and maintains a consistent  risk reward profile.



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University Fee

So you have kids and you probably want them to have the best education possible.

These days that probably involves university and possibly even a post grad course.

You probably don’t want them to start their working lives saddled with a pile of debt.

That means saving so what do you need to put away.

Our University Fee Calculator will help!


Like it or not we’re all going to have to retire one day it’s just a question of when.

Do we have a plan for our retirement or are we retiring by accident. What do we need and what do I need to get there.

Are we saving for retirement and if we are is it enough?

The sooner we figure this out the better and the faster we can do something about it.

We’re sure our Pension Calculator will help!

Life Insurance

We bang on about how important  life insurance is in the financial planning process all the time.

If you’ve just had a child, buying a house or have people who depend on you to support them then you should have life insurance.

If you’re looking to get some life cover for the first time or you need to upgrade your existing benefits. One question is how much do you need?

Our Life Insurance Calculator is available!

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E-Guides & Forms

We have and will continue to produce e-guides and information sheets on financial planning in relation to expats. 

These are downloadable for anyone whether you’re a client of Advisers Worldwide or not.

In addition to this we have handy checklists that guide you through situations specific to expats.

In addition to this we have the latest admin forms from offshore life companies and financial providers.


We produce regular blog updates on a wide range of financial  topics.

Subscribe for updates and get notifications whenever we release something new.

Whether it’s budget updates, changes in legislation that could impact you or investment trends.

We’ll keep you updated without lots financial jargon, clear and concise.

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