Keeping It Simple

Understanding Your Investments

Understanding how your investment works is an important step to you achieving your financial freedom. We don't want to bore you to death with techno-blurb, who wants to hear that. Though knowing what happens when you send your money to your investment account doesn't have to be like this. We'll make sure that it isn't!

No Complicated Structures

There offshore investment industry that caters to the expatriate market is dominated by offshore life insurance companies. The investments that they offer are complicated and inflexible. We are committed to ensuring that all the investment solutions that we offer are completely transparent. No minimum contribution periods, lock ins or exit penalties.

Your Choice

We make sure that you are in charge of your financial future. Whatever strategy suites you best, getting you on your way to financial freedom is the right one for you. Whether you want to be hands on and just need some help with asset selection. Alternatively you might be looking for something more, someone to manage your assets for you. In either case we have solutions for you.

No Expensive Investments

Offshore life insurance products pay big upfront commissions that are based on the whole term of the investment. These could be a s much as 5% of every premium your supposed to pay over the whole policy term, In addition to this there could be renewal commission of 1.5% for every premium paid after the initial contribution period. This is before the offshore life company takes their cut.

How You Invest

Regular Investment

Putting something away each month may not seem a very exciting way to invest. It is however a very effective means of investing and the best way to build wealth over the long-term.

Providing for our retirements or children’s education costs in this way is extremely common. The reason for this is that if we do it properly and maintain contributions, then it really works.

There are a number of reasons why it can be so effective. One of the main ones is that you invest across the whole market cycle. Most importantly you buy at the market lows.

Also, as with any kind of regular payment such as a mortgage or loan you adjust your life style around them and you don’t notice them.

You’re not committing big lumps of capital to the market at any one time so you should be less anxious.

With regular investments, market volatility becomes your friend.

Lump Sum Investment

You may not want to make regular investments and prefer ad hoc contributions. Having the flexibility to add o your portfolio whenever you want without excessive paperwork or admin is important. Also being able to do this without being slapped with sales fees and upfront commissions.

A word to the wise, if you have a warm fuzzy feeling about markets, everything is going well and you desperately want to invest, DON’T! Alternatively, when markets are really awful and putting money into them is the furthest thing from your mind then jump in.

Our natural instinct is to invest when things are going well and to avoid markets when they’re not. What this means is we are self-saboteurs, a modus operandi of buy high and sell low.

By the way we’d suggest that you do both combine the two and we can help you do that.

Why You Invest

University Fees

Finding a flexible investment solution for education saving is very important. Making sure that it is able to accept changes in contribution level without penalty or excessive paperwork. It should also allow withdrawals without incurring additional charges or making the investment more expensive. A uniform charging structure that deals with all contributions in the same way without upfront commissions or exit penalties is ideal for this purpose.


Quite often expat life means that your pension contributions take a back seat. Employers aren’t obligated to contribute and it can also be difficult to add expat staff to local retirement schemes. Working as an expat often means that we have to take care of our own pensions. Unfortunately, we can put this off as other things crop up that we perceive to be more important. Heading home knowing that retirement is going to bring some big lifestyle changes can’t be fun.

Wealth Creation

An expat position can put you in a very fortunate position to be able to build wealth. Even after taking care of their other savings objectives. We also understand that there are places to visit, things to buy and good times to be had. As we said before surely you want to make sure you head home in a better financial state. You may find it surprising how many people don’t. See it as an opportunity to fast track yourself along the road to financial freedom.

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