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Relocating to another country is in itself a daunting proposition. Having someone you can turn to and trust to help with those difficult decisions.
It’s invaluable!
Whether you’re a seasoned expat or just starting your life overseas we can help! We give you access to the information and solutions so you can make the best financial decisions
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Family Protection For Expat Spouse

Expat Life Insurance

You've got life insurance already, right? What if you think you have and you don't? What if you're paying for something that isn't going to do what you hoped it would? What would it mean to your family if that life insurance that you thought you had didn't pay out?   This is the reality for many expats...   And the thing is you're most likely completely unaware about it. The conversations that you have as an expat with most financial professionals...   Won't include life insurance in it   Financial planning starts with protection and life insurance is at the heart of it. We make sure that that life insurance is at the key topic of the conversation. And you have cover that fits your expat lifestyle   Wherever that may be in the world!

Life Insurance that stays with you even when you move

Expat Travel Insurance

If you don't have International health insurance as an expat. Then every time you leave the country you're at risk! If you've got a local health insurance you don't have cover outside your country of residence   Family holidays and business trips abroad or even back to your home country. Could present a massive financial risk for you.   If you fall ill or have an accident whilst you're away then you might be left with life destroying debt   That's where travel insurance comes in...   Not the free stuff on credit cards or from airlines, because this can leave you equally exposed   Expat Travel Insurance that gives you the cover you need and let's you travel with confidence

Expat Health Insurance

You may never have had to think about healthcare   For many of us around the world when we get sick or have an accident we go to the hospital and get treated   No payment required!   For most expats that isn't the case, visit the doctors or hospital you're going to get a bill   And depending on what we need these bills could be very large   Expat health insurance is essential!   For many this comes from your employer, the quality of which varies enormously   The question we ask you is what does your health insurance cover?   If you don't know then you should...   Because by the time you realise that it isn't good enough then it's going to be too late   We help you understand what you need   And provide you with the solutions that gives you the best treatment choices

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