How every expat can secure their family's future by choosing the right life insurance!


There are so many expats paying premiums every month for life insurance….
And it’s not going to pay benefits if it’s needed
It’s going to let down the people the people it’s meant for exactly when they need it the most.
You could be one of these expats
Paying for something that’s  not going to work for you
Yet there are life insurance policies that work for expats
What do they know that you don’t?
What should you be looking for?
Insurance For Expats
International Life Insurance For Expats
How do you make sure you won’t end up back in the same position again?
In the last post I talked about portability
How your financial assets can keep working for you
Even if you’re on the move every couple of years
No need to keep applying for life cover every time you move
And no RISK OF GETTING STUCK without cover
Even with financial experience I found myself in the exact same position…
When I moved to Malaysia and became an expat
If you can choose the right type of policy
You’ll get the portability you need
When you move, your cover continues
Once you know what you need
And how to find it…
Then it’s easy to put yourself back on the right track
When I first became an expat got caught out thinking things could stay the same
Now years of experience has shown me…
The easiest way for an expat to sort out their life insurance
And now we’re going to share with you, how to do it!
So keep on reading…

making the right choice

If you’ve already got life cover and now it doesn’t work anymore
What’s stopping you from putting it right?
Not sure how to replace it with a new policy?
When you know what to look for it will become easy
To make the right choice for you
And find a long term solution for your life cover!
You may be thinking about replacing it with a local one..
From an insurance company in the country where you’re living
What’s going to happen when you move?
Guess what, you’ll be in the exact same boat again
Finding a solution that gives continuity
Will reduce your risk of ending up uninsured

it costs a lot less than you think!

Cost isn’t an issue for most expats
Though old habits die hard
Our old beliefs can influence our actions today
Life insurance is expensive…
Is a common belief that stops people acting
Study after Study has shown
People OVERESTIMATE the cost of life cover by at least 300% of the ACTUAL cost!

you don't know where to start!

International Life Insurance For Expats
Do you find the whole thing daunting?
What type of policy should you choose?
You don’t understand what any of this means..
“What if I get the wrong thing”
It could be a terribly expensive mistake…
Once we’ve given you the tools you need
Life Insurance will make much more sense
And making the right choice for you becomes much easier
Sorting out life insurance is never at the top of anyones list
This is especially true for expats
It’s rare that financial advisers who work in expatriate markets want to talk about life insurance
And you don’t know exactly when you’ll need cover 
Research shows that the majority of families…
Would suffer a drop in living standards
If they lost their primary provider
Having an effective life insurance policy set up
Means your family can continue their lives…
Without the heavy burden of debt
International Life Insurance For Expats

you're too young to have life insurance

You may be young and healthy
So, right now getting life insurance
Couldn’t be further from your mind…
Why would you need it?
What if you were to have an accident?
Or if you contracted some kind of illness?
What would be your chances of getting…
A LIFE INSURANCE POLICY if you’d had a serious diagnosis?
At best you’d be paying double the premium.
At worst your family would have no protection
International Life Insurance for Expats

don't let the thought of mortality put you off!

No one likes to think about their own death
And getting life insurance makes us do exactly that
Rather than thinking about your end…
Think about the security you are providing for your loved ones!

Do you rely on life cover from your employer?

Well how much do you get exactly?
For starters most expats don’t know the answer to that question
Do You?
Usually you’ll be looking at 3 times your basic salary…
5 times at best
That may sound like a lot
How far would that really go towards supporting your family?
Well, your family would have three years of income…
And What then, if you’ve got young kids?
Or they could spread it out live off the interest
Which would mean them living on 15% of what your earning now
Is that what you have planned for them?
What happens when you leave your current job?
Especially if you’ve suffered from ill health
How will you get life insurance then and…
You may not get cover from your new employer
Having personal life insurance that’s completely portable
Means that this will never be an issue for you or your family!
Consistent, continuous coverage that keeps working…
No matter who you work for or where your living
With enough benefit to make sure that your family are debt free
And can afford to live without having to worry about how they’ll
Keep paying the bills
When you get the right policy…
Then you’ll have real peace of mind, knowing your family’s future’s secure

making the right choice

Did you know  that only 25% of consumers trust insurance companies?
Research has shown that trust is a major barrier to purchasing insurance!
People have low expectations that insurers will pay out claims
They also believe insurers should pay even if claimants haven’t disclosed information
Such as health conditions or even smoking in certain circumstances
40% of people even expected non disclosed smokers to get paid
Even if the death was due to lung cancer
People pay premiums and they expect claims to get settled
Also their major concerns about the future relate to finances & health
Yet they don’t have a meaningful Plan B
This is an even bigger issue for you as an expat! 
Because it’s pretty safe to say that you don’t have any access to state support
When asked what would be helpful in providing financial support…
Insurance ranked very highly
Figures show that actual claims payout rates by life insurers
Are extremely high in fact 98% and above of all claims
And 100% of all legitimate clams paid out
Knowing how to set up a life policy is important
Once you know how to do this…
You’ll ensure that a claim not only gets paid
The proceeds gets to the beneficiaries fast!

the importance of choosing the right policy

When I first found out that my life cover no longer worked for me
I had to do a lot of research because I wanted to make sure
I was making the best choices for my family and me
Since then I’ve looked at so many policies
I’ve helped people set them up
And I’ve also helped people make claims
Over that time we’ve all learnt what makes a good policy
And that’s how I know, how to make a good policy even better
And that’s by making sure it gets set up in the right way
International Life Insurance For Expats
We’ve also identified the importance of portability
Being an expat brings with it uncertainty
There’s always the chance of being on the move
Having a portable policy means you NEVER
Risk getting stuck without having life insurance

putting things off can prove costly

time for a recap...

Remember if you’re thinking about replacing your
Life cover with a local policy, you’ll find yourself
In the exact same position when you move
Choose the right option now and there’s no need
To make any changes in the future!
We can over estimate the cost of insurance
Though the real cost of not having protection
Will fall on your family and the ones you love
Being paralysed by information overload
Or confused by technical terms
Can lead to inaction and you not making a decision
You may think that you’re too young
Or you’ve got plenty of time to set up a life insurance policy
Getting your life cover sorted out now…
Means no risk of ill health or an accident impacting
Your chances of getting life cover
Plus none of us know when we’re going to need life insurance
International Life Insurance For Expats
Instead of thinking about your own mortality
Think about how you’re providing security for your nearest and dearest!
Relying on life insurance provided by your employer
Can be a big risk and could leave you exposed
Having your own cover prevents this ever being an issue
You don’t trust insurance companies?
So what’s your Plan B?
You have no state support
So insurance is your best option
And remember they’re not quite as bad a you might think!
In fact it’s rare for a life insurance company not to pay a claim

looking forward

You get it…Right?
We’re making sense so far?
Next we’re explore what you need to look for
And when you’ve found it, what you need to do….
To get it set up so works how it should
Providing security for the people you love
Quickly and without getting hit by estate or inheritance tax
The right life insurance policy and benefit sum
Will make an enormous difference for your family…
Want to know how much cover you need?
Get it right from the start…
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