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International Life Insurance For Expats

What If Your Health Cover
Doesn't Travel With You?

If you’re an expat with a local health insurance policy.
Traveling overseas means you can be left without medical cover.
And that’s where Expat Travel Insurance comes in…
Whether it’s business or pleasure whenever you leave your current country of residence…
Even if you’re heading back to your home country you’ll still have an issue

Mandatory Travel Insurance

travel insurance

Even before the pandemic countries started to introduce mandatory insurance   Before you're allowed to enter or visa's get issued you need to prove that you're covered   COVID has meant that even more countries have adopted this policy   And guess what as time goes on this is only going to become more common   The more you travel the more you'll need expat travel insurance   Getting the right policy is important   We'll comeback to that later   If you want to know more about how to get travel insurance right. Click Below!

Getting Travel Insurance Right!

The Nightmare

Being stuck abroad racking up six figure medical bills. No way to pay them and your insurance company has refused to pay.

The Reality

Though there's something that you should know. And that is there's absolutely no reason that this situation should occur.

The Thing To Remember

If you give an insurance company a good reason not to pay, then they'll take it. Though one thing that they can't be is unreliable.

The Thing To Do

Make sure you share information, never assume anything and ask questions if you're unsure of anything. Then you''ll be fine!

Travel Insurance Secrets

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Getting the right policy type!

The type of travel insurance we need throughout our lives will change
The things that make a difference to what you need are frequency and length of travel
There are short term single trip, long term single trip or multi trip annual policies
If you travel often then an annual policy will most likely be your best option
For starters it’s much better value than getting a separate policy each time you travel
It’s also a massive time saver
If you travel back to your home country for several weeks each year and that’s all
Then a short term single trip would be your best option
Long term single trip travel insurance is what you want if your going traveling
That makes sense, Right
So’ if you want more help and want to know more about Expat Travel Insurance
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Travel Insurance Secrets

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