What You Need To Know About UK Property & Tax

IHT on UK property

What You Need To Know About UK Property & Tax

if you own property in the uK directly
or not there'll be an inheritance tax bill

legislation changes that impacted all uK property

As of November 2017 enveloping became redundant in the UK!
What was this practice, what was it designed to do and who have these changes affected?
Enveloping is when a property is owned by a company the shares of which are owned by a trust. 
The purpose is to protect the property from any inheritance tax charge on the death of an owner. Often an offshore company and or an offshore trust will have been used to put ownership further at arms left.
So, now that  none of this works anymore what can you do to mitigate any IHT liability on UK property?
We’ve put together this short video to help you look at the best options available to you.

the current reality

Whether you’re a UK expat living abroad or a foreign national who also resides outside of outside the UK.
Owning property there will mean at some point there will be a 40% IHT charge on those properties. And until this tax bill gets paid your family won’t get access to the asset or be able to sell it.
So, would your family have the assets available to pay this IHT charge?
If not you need a solution….

What's the impact of IHT on your family?

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