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Protecting Expats For Over 25 Years

We’ve got over 30 years experience in setting up expat insurance for people around the globe.
Helping them find the right financial solutions that catering to the uncertainties of expat life.
Working in another country brings changes that are often overlooked.
Protection is one of these areas and we’re committed to changing this for you!
We provide you with access to the information you want and need.
So, that you’re able to identify and understand these financial risks.
And we also have the international expat insurance solutions to protect you and your family against these risks.

our core values


Expat life can mean change and it can happen very quickly.
Whether you’re being reposted to another country or the economic conditions have deteriorated
You’ll want to be able to adapt!
We’re aware of this and it’s reflected in all our services and solutions.
We want to help our clients prosper and for expat insurance flexibility is key.
We make it possible for you to meet these challenges without facing extra costs or penalties.


Those changes can mean that you enter unfamiliar territory.
Whether that’s due to language or a different regulatory framework.
The financial solutions that expats often encounter are deliberately complex and confusing.
We ensure that all of our solutions are simple and understandable. No hidden fees, exit charges and no nasty surprises.
Plus we help you establish them in such a way that before you commitYou’re fully aware of any restrictions or conditions that may apply to your policy.


Expat life can mean a move to another country every 3 or 4 years. And even if you don’t, there’s been many cases of expat exoduses.
There are a whole host of reasons why we may have to leave one country and move to another.
When that happens it will have an impact on your financial situation
Having protection solutions that are completely portable and continue providing cover, is essential. Not having this leaves you and your family financially exposed
We provide you with continuity with your protection benefits.

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