Why Asking For Travel Insurance Advice On Facebook Sucks

Tuesday, 24 May, 2022

Getting Advice From Social media
can lead you dow the wrong path

It's human nature!

Human nature means that we’re all scared of taking risks. When you buy something and it’s a pile of crap you feel stupid.
If you lose money on something it really grates on you, right?
And it’s inbuilt into us to not want to make decisions so that we can avoid those situations
So what do we do to help ourselves reduce these risks?
Well that all depends…
Some of you’ll procrastinate and do nothing
That is until something goes wrong and you’ll make desperate attempts to fix it. Which depending on what it is may or may not work.
Though one thing is certain it’s going to cost you a lot more than it would have done if you’d have made a decision earlier.
Though having no choice but to make a decision isn’t what I want to talk about today.
What I want to focus on is the other option that we take…
When we ask other people to make the decisions for us!

passing the buck

What we mean by this is that you ask someone else to make a recommendation for you
You’ll ask them if they’ve got an experience of something or they can make a recommendation
And this takes a lot of the risk out of making that decision
Now for somethings, there isn’t much risk in the first place
If you’re asking for a restaurant recommendation then you end up having a bad meal which spoils your evening
Whilst, it’s unpleasant there aren’t any long term consequences for you.
Other things have much greater risk and potential cost associated with them
And getting it wrong has far greater consequences

It's not a good idea to ask for travel insurance recommendation!

Here we are, I’ve come to the crux of it…
Often, I see people in facebook groups or chat rooms asking for “A good travel insurance policy”
Every time I see it I think what a bad question
What are you hoping to get out of it?
Obviously, if you do ask it then as we said earlier you’re hoping to reduce the risk of making the wrong decision
And if you’ve seen our other content on travel insurance you’ll know that getting it wrong
Comes with some very serious consequences!
So what makes you think that the people in this group are going to be able to help you?
How do you know that they’ve even got it right?
Also, is their experience the same as yours and does this mean that the very same product works for you?
We’ll go into these answers shortly…
Though first if you need help with choosing the right travel insurance for you
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What does someone else's experience of travel insurance mean to you?

Well in short the answer to that is very little!
Now you may think that this is a harsh assessment and in a very few cases this may be true. On the whole though it will be absolutely true.
So let me explain why!

How do they know that they got their own travel insurance right?

When somebody gives you a recommendation for a travel insurance policy
How do they know that they had the right product?
What is the basis of their experience?
Let me give you a scenario.
If someone goes on a trip and they set up travel insurance. It’s very easy to sort out, their trip goes without a hitch and the policy ends…
And this is the experience which they use to make their recommendation to you
So why was their experience good?
Was it because the policy’s easy to set up?
Or perhaps that they didn’t need to make a claim?
What if they had needed to claim and the policy had declined even for a valid reason
Would they have made the same recommendation?
What if they hadn’t set the policy up properly on the first place, how would they have known?
So, you get my point if the person making the recommendation didn’t have a claims experience…
How do they know if the policy was good or bad and what does that meant to you?
Well, I’m sure you realise it means very little, yet more than likely you’d consider using this policy. Even if the policy wasn’t very good
What if someone had made a claim and it didn’t get paid out?
You wouldn’t expect that person to recommend the policy to you…
It may be a fantastic policy and that person didn’t disclose important information
Or did something that they shouldn’t have which wasn’t covered by the policy
It could be the best option for you though you’re probably not going to consider it
In both of these situations you can see that it’s not a reliable basis for you to make your decision

how does their situation compare to yours?

When it comes to any form of personal protection policy…
Your circumstances make a difference to the one that’s the best fit for you
And someone else’s situation may be very different and so is their most suitable policy
If you have health complications and the person making the recommendation doesn’t
Then what’s worked for them isn’t likely to be applicable for you
What you’ll need a specialist policy that deals with pre-existing conditions
Because many won’t!
And if it doesn’t then you won’t know until you come to make a claim
By Then it’s too late!
So you can see that someones medical history can make an enormous difference…
To how effective a policy is going to be for you
Another variation on this involves the activities that you might be considering
If @steveinthailand123 is 68 he’s probably not going to be doing many dangerous activities
So if he recommends a policy for you and you’re going to be SCUBA diving then there’s a chance…
That his recommendation won’t be right for you
The thing is how do you know that at the time?
You probably won’t
Though you may take his recommendation seriously
You get the picture, Right?

setting up travel insurance right?

Now setting up your travel insurance may seem like a very simple process
And we’ve got a short video on this which explains why it’s not as simple as you think. And how serious the consequences of not doing so can be. It’s worthwhile taking a look!
The point here though is that most people don’t realise that there’s more to it
They don’t know what’s involved in making sure that they have the right policy in the first place
Or the questions that they should be asking any insurer to make sure that they’ve got cover
And guess what you’re not going to get this information from a Facebook group or chatroom
The people that you’re asking don’t have this experience and wouldn’t know
And most likely they think that one travel insurance policy is the same as another
Unfortunately, that isn’t the case
There are differences which impacts the effectiveness for each individual
And unless you know what you’re looking for then it’s easy to get it wrong
And as we’ve already highlighted if that happens by the time you find out it’s going to be too late

so what's a better question to ask?

So as I said earlier I think asking if anyone know’s which is the best travel insurance policy is a poor question
Because it’s far too simplistic in it’s approach to ensure that you get the cover you need
Is there a better question that you could be asking?
Yes there is, absolutely!
Instead why not ask “Does anyone know a good broker for travel insurance?”
Why use a broker?
Well, there’s some great reasons that’s why…
For starters, it’s not going to cost you anything extra to use one. The premium that you pay will be the same as if you went direct.
Which means that you’ve got nothing to lose financially by using one
What you will gain is the benefit of their experience
They’ll get paid a commission from the insurance company that they place you with
And most of the time these commissions will be the same from one company to another
So the focus should be on finding the right policy for your circumstances
In addition to this they should also help to make sure that you get the policy set up properly
To do that they need to understand your personal situation
They’ll do this by asking you for information
And they should also review the information that you’ve included on the application
By doing this they can check with the insurance company on any potential issues
And if you have any pre-existing conditions or you’re doing any hazardous activities
Then they can make sure that you’ve got a policy that’s going to cover you
So a good broker should add value and make the whole process easier
And if you want to know more about about travel insurance so that you’ve got a better idea if you’re getting it right…
Even if you plan on using a broker, it’s good to know
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And Get Our FREE "Travel Insurance Secrets" Guide & Also Receive our Travel Insurance Email Series

If You Have To Ask For Travel Insurance Advice on Facebook Ask The Right Question But....

We get why you want to have reassurances about the choices that you make
Though when it comes to travel insurance we’re sure that we’ve shown you…
That someone else’s experience may not be a reliable reflection of whether a policy would be good or bad for you
Firstly, if they didn’t need to claim on a policy what does that say about the policy?
Not much, Right?
If they did make a claim and the insurer declined payment, what were the circumstances behind it
If they hadn’t disclosed information or set the policy up properly
Possibly they were taking part in activities that the policy didn’t cover
Does that mean that the policy is bad for you?
Of course not, though you’re not going to understand that from the person who had the bad experience
And then there’s your personal situation
Age, health, trip duration, trip frequency, destinations and activities…
Will all have an impact on what policy is the most suitable
So when someone recommends a policy for you do they understand your situation?
Do they understand the impact that personal circumstances have on policy selection?
Not unless they have industry experience and we get it they’re only trying to help
Also, are you aware of how different their situation is from yours?
No, You don’t!
And these differences could mean that the policy they recommended isn’t right for you
Using a broker can be a good idea and it won’t cost you anything extra to do so…
A good broker will add value!
By making sure that you have the right policy for your situation
If you want to know more about how to get travel insurance right then click below to get our FREE guide!
We’re sure that we’ve shown you that there’s better ways to find the right travel insurance policy for you!


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