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Expat Insurance

Insurance is very important for expats and getting it wrong can devastate a family. Unfortunately, in most instances by the time you find out whether this is the case for you, then it’s too late!
So it’s important that you don’t simply assume!
Also consider this, when you’re an expat your protection needs get more complicated. You don’t have access to state benefits or assistance to fall back on. Which means that these financial provisions fall on you.
This makes expat insurance essential!
The issue that you face is that your existing provisions won’t work for you. When you become an expat there’s a strong chance that these policies won’t pay out if you need them to.
Expat insurance covers you wherever you’re living which means you and your family stay protected.

Expat life insurance

When it comes to expat life insurance getting the right policy is important.
There’s no substitute for having global coverage. Expat life can be very transient. So having life cover that continues after we’ve moved to another country, is important.
Anything else can leave you and your family financially exposed.
International Travel Insurance

expat travel medical

If you’re going overseas or travel abroad often on business you want travel insurance.
Don’t have international health insurance? Well, being hospitalised abroad can break the bank.
In fact more and more countries require proof of cover before they’ll allow entry. And with COVID in the world this list is only getting longer.
travel insurance to pay medical bills

expat health insurance

You may never have needed to think about your healthcare in the past. Unless you’re an American that is.
You no longer have this luxury. You probably rely on your company for healthcare. What exactly do they provide?
What if you don’t have the cover that you expected. By the time you find this out it’s going to be too late!

Why use us?

For your expat insurance!

It’s often said that you have to pay for flexibility, well not with us. We provide great value to our clients and all the solutions we offer are transparent and understandable. easy to understand.

No nasty surprises or surrender penalties!  

One thing that comes with expat life is you taking on more financial responsibility. Whether that’s pension, healthcare or protection needs. Some if not all of this is going to fall on you.
This can be daunting especially if you’ve got no experience of dealing with finances. All too often financial advice for expats revolves around investment.
You can’t ignore the insurance part it’s too important.
We can help!

Who should use us for expat insurance?


Much of what we do is tailored towards individual expats. We’ve put together free guides, e-mail series and articles. All designed to help you get a better understanding of what you want and need.
We’ve also put together service packages that will give you bespoke information. A unique report that allows you to find the ideal solution for your situation.
And if you don’t have the time or inclination to understand more about your protection needs. Let us know and we’ll help you get it in place. Exactly what product, how much cover you need and the best solution, leave that to us.


Most of our time is spent helping individual expats. Though, that’s not all we do.
If you’re a company with expat employees we can help you also.
Whether it’s life, health or travel insurance that you need for your employees.
We can access a bespoke corporate benefits package for your expat staff.
Save money and give your expat employees the best benefits they’ll truly appreciate

what else do we have for you?


Regular financial articles for expats that make a difference to your lives.


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