Two Minute Tips Episode Two

Making sure that you have enough life insurance is important

For many expats a regular savings plan is their first venture into the world of offshore investing. All too often it turns out to be a bad experience for many and is one of the most common expat complaints.

Saving money over the long term is an important part of wealth creation. So we’ve looked at some key points that you should know so that you DON’T make the same mistakes as so many before you.

When is it best to do nothing? Strategies for helping you deal with market downturns.

When markets start to fall what should you do.

Losing hurts more than winning No one likes to lose, in fact, losing has a bigger impact on us than winning. Studies on “Loss Aversion” show that incurring losses impacts us twice as much as making the same gain. From an investment perspective this makes us act in ways which can be contrary to our … Read more

Offshore life assurance policies and you. What every expat should know

The policy holder isn't their client the adviser is.

Who are we dealing with? For over 40 years the offshore life assurance firms have been the main option for expats wanting to save. They came to dominate the market by paying brokers with high commissions. We touch on they’re shortcomings in our “Expat Warning” article.  They provide life assurance policies, a mix of investment … Read more

What Every British Expat Needs To Know About Their UK Financial Products

What every British expat needs to know about their UK financial products

When a British Citizen becomes an expat what financial changes do they need to make? When a Brit becomes an expat there are certain things that you can’t do anymore. I meet a lot of people who run their finances as though they were still living in the UK.  The reason why things change vary, … Read more

Expat Warning – Offshore Life Assurance Policies Can Damage Your Financial Health!

Offshore Life Policies can be extremely irritating and bad for your financial health

A Whole new world! You’ve become an expat or you’ve taken a job overseas, a move away from your home country. You’re experiencing lots of change, new things, new places and new ways of doing things. Learning a new culture is exciting and also be daunting.  With all this excitement there’s still the mundane things … Read more