international life, disability & critical illness insurance

the policy

what we have!

We brought institutional insurance rates to retail markets, especially for expats. We’ve cut the fat upfront commissions from our policy because we want to deliver a cost effective and flexible International Life Insurance policy.

Atlas Life is our partner and provide us with world class admin support. Twenty years experience means they supply excellent customer service and policy support. They assist us with applications, policy maintenance and claims.

Speaking of claims the choice of underwriters means genuine ones get paid quickly and in full. Reinsurance Group of America (RGA) or Swiss Re underwrite the policies we provide.

Both are AA- rated by Standard & Poor’s. RGA operates in 26 countries with a ranking of 271 in the Fortune 500 and Swiss Re has offices in 30 countries with a ranking of 118 in the Forbes Global 2000.

the details

It‘s a term policy that provides cover over the period that you select. An applicant can also add disability and critical illness options.

Benefits will be available in the event of a valid claim otherwise the policy has no cash value at any time. A whole of life option is available and it provides cover as long as premiums are up to date.

Increasing or level premiums allows you to choose the best option for your situation.

Whilst there’s no formal reducing term option, the policy is flexible because there are no upfront commissions. Let us know the reduced benefit amount and your premiums will reflect the change. This makes it an ideal mortgage repayment protection policy for any expat.

There is a choice of US Dollars, Pound Sterling or Euros. The policy is available for Individuals, trustees or corporations. This policy is ideal for personal protection, estate planning or business protection.

Premiums depend on where you live and if you move country the amount you pay can change. No further underwriting and your cover continues. Global coverage, continuity and portability wherever you move.

who it's for

International life insurance for global expats and also anyone living overseas. People who have assets, in different countries, in different currencies and, consequently must cover the liability.

Trustees covering liabilities that can occur on the death of a beneficial owner. Or anyone associated with the trust who’s passing may cause loss or liability.

Multi-national companies who need to provide corporate benefits for their expat. Portable, flexible and transparent protection benefits.

Entrepreneurs who have identified opportunities overseas who now need key man insurance. Protecting themselves against the loss of senior members of staff.

It’s for anyone who needs international Life insurance that is portable, flexible and transparent.

international life, disability & critical illness insurance

flexible protection design for expats everywhere

at a glance

Lives Insured
Own Life, Life of Another & Joint Life Second Death
Policy Owner
Individual, Trustee & Corporate
Global Coverage
Premium Type
Level & Age Related
Life Cover Term
Fixed Term minimum of 5 years (Age of Entry Plus Term Chosen Cannot Exceed 80)
Life Cover Age of Applicant
Minimum Age 18 & Maximum 70
Life Cover Benefit Limits
Maximum Cover -No maximum cover level minimum of $100,000 (or currency equivalent. Subject to a minimum annual premium of $500 (or currency equivalent).
Disability Cover Term
Term selected must equal that selected for life cover. Benefit will expire at age of 65. This may occur before the end of the life cover term.
Disability Cover Age of Applicant
Minimum Age 19 Next Birthday & Maximum Age is 60
Disability Cover Benefit Limits
Minimum Cover Limit $100,000 & Maximum Cover $3 Million (or currency equivalent)
Basis of Disability Cover
Accelerated Benefit and is Not Available on a Stand Alone Basis
Critical Illness Cover Term
Term selected must equal that selected for life cover. Benefit will expire at age of 65. This may occur before the end of the life cover term.
Critical Illness Cover Age of Applicant
Minimum Age 19 Next Birthday & Maximum Age is 60
Critical Illness Cover Benefit Limits
Minimum Cover Limit is US$100,000 & Maximum Cover US$1 Million (or currency equivalent)
Basis of Critical Illness cover
Accelerated Benefit and is Not Available on a Stand Alone Basis
Benefits Payable
On Death, Terminal Illness, Disability (if cover selected) or Critical Illness (if cover selected)
All Policy Charges Included in Premium Rates
Atlas Life is Regulated by Seychelles Financial Services Authority
Policy currency
US Dollars, British Pounds & Euro
Minimum Payment
Annual Minimum Premium of US$500 (or currency equivalent), Quarterly Minimum Premium of US$150 (or currency equivalent), Monthly Minimum Premium of US$42 (or currency equivalent)
Payment Frequency
Annually, Quarterly & Monthly (Monthly Premiums Can Only Be Paid By Credit Card)
Payment Methods
Telegraphic Transfer, Credit Card & Debit Card
The product is designed to pay a cash lump sum should the life insured die whilst the policy is in force. A cash sum will be paid early if the life insured is diagnosed as terminally ill

"Fun is like life insurance, the older you get the more it costs"

Kin Hubbard

The Situation

It's Not Easy

Buying life insurance is one of the most important decisions that we will make. It’s part of the house buying process and available at the bank or from our financial advisers.

As expats we find it harder than we did at home because often the same choices aren’t available. In addition it’s likely that the plans we made at home won’t work now we live abroad.

Sorting this out isn’t quite so easy anymore, we need something that suites our new circumstances. We need International Life Insurance.

What Changed?

Our new home may have restrictions and limits on foreigners owning life insurance. International Financial Advisers prefer investment business and see life insurance as too difficult.

International insurers have withdrawn products because of this lack of demand. Banks don’t offer international life insurance products not even the offshore ones.

This means that many of the usual sources that we use just aren’t available to us anymore. Even if there are no restrictions domestic products are completely unsuitable for us in the long run.

domestic won't work

Domestic policies don’t work because they have limited or no portability. Expats move and if their insurance benefits don’t follow them it’s a big issue.

This lack of portability will mean we have to cancel policies and set up new ones when we relocate. Forget the hassle of applications and medicals. If our health deteriorates or we have a scare it will impact our insurability.

This will mean that we have to pay a whole lot more for the same thing. Even worse there’s a strong chance that we may not be able to get life insurance at all!

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