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changing investment for expats

The Hallmark Account from Platform One offers an innovative investment solution for expats & international investors.

Easy to understand and completely transparent the Hallmark Account is a flexible investment account. It accepts both regular regular and adhoc single contributions.

No upfront commissions, exit fees, lock-ins and an extremely competitive fee structure make for great value. It also means that the Hallmark Account is ideal for the unpredictability of expat life.

Expats may live in many different countries so asset portability is important. If expats have to liquidate assets each time they move it will inhibit growth and become expensive. The paperwork that has to be completed to surrender one and set up another investment is just tiresome. The  Hallmark Account eliminates this issue.

It is as it is based in  one of the world’s most prestigious offshore jurisdictions, Luxembourg. This provides complete portability and security, you may move yet your assets stay put.

Hallmark Account

At A Glance
78 Annual Fee
  • Annual Platform Charge - 0.3%
  • Annual Adviser Fee - From 0.2%
  • Fund Trail Commission - Rebated back to clients account whenever applicable
  • Dealing Fees - No Charge (Subject To Terms)
  • Other Fees May Be Applicable For Transfers & Sundry Items
  • -
  • Open Ended - No Minimum Contribution Periods or Exit Fees
  • Minimum Contribution of €100 per Month or Currency Equivalent
  • Available in Most Major Currencies
  • Ideal For Company Pension Schemes, Trusts or Individual Investors
  • Choose From A List Of Selected Risk Rated Managed Portfolio Funds

real flexibility

Set up a Hallmark Account and you’ll have complete flexibility in every sense.

Make contributions for as long as it suites you. If you have some spare money and you want to put it away then feel free, just drop us an e-mail and let us know.

If you need to suspend a regular contribution  or need to make a withdrawal go ahead, no penalties or additional charges and it won’t increase the fees on your investment. 

We’ve put together a list of risk-rated professionally managed funds. The managers available have a selection of investment styles that will suite most investment needs.  

As time goes on you may find that your investment needs or risk profile change. Choose a more suitable fund for your new investment strategy from our approved managers.  No exit fees or upfront commissions.

You can make contributions from €100 per month and add lump sums any time without additional paperwork.

Once the initial application and due diligence requirements have been met you can add to the account as you want. 

We rebate any trail commissions paid by fund managers back into your account. This makes Hallmark unique even over direct investments and certainly in comparison to an insurance company investment. 

Whatever your reason to start investing whether it’s for retirement, education fees, mortgage repayment or just wealth creation. Hallmark Account offers a new exciting approach that is flexible enough to meet all expat investment needs.

No Minimum Investment Term or Contribution period,

Make regular contributions or make ad-hoc investments when you have capital available,

Minimum monthly contribution from €100 per month,

All trail commission rebated back to clients accounts,

All The Freedom & Flexibility That You Deserve

frequently asked questions

will my money be safe?

In short yes it will be safe. Direct Expat is not a deposit-taking entity which means that you never invest directly with us. Our partners who administer the Hallmark Account are financially sound and reputable.

In addition, they operate in Luxembourg a secure highly regulated jurisdiction which has the highest level of investor protection legislation.

Luxembourg also offers confidentiality, political stability, economic poise, rigorous anti-money laundering policies and a comprehensive legal framework.  

In addition, Luxembourg is tax efficient for non-residents and as previously mentioned has excellent investor protection. Furthermore, it is the second largest investment fund centre in the world after the United States.

Luxembourg’s investor protection regulations require the provider to hold investors assets with a third party independent custodian.

This means that these assets are clearly separate from those of the provider should the business fail. In addition, custodian banks must ring fence assets so that they are segregated from the banks.

Investments are subject to market fluctuations, as a result, you should factor this into your choice of fund.

what return will i get on my investment?

This will depend on the fund that you choose. The managers available do not guarantee returns though they have experience, reputation and excellent track records.

You should note that whilst the Hallmark Account is completely flexible it caters for medium to long-term investment needs.

The funds that we provide our clients access to are risk rated and professionally managed.

Some are designed to automatically adjust taking a more conservative investment approach as the investment goal timeframe approaches. Others maintain a consistent allocation based on the fund’s risk rating.

All markets fluctuate, whether it is the stock, bond or property market, there will always be ups and downs.

Successful investing needs the investor to accept this and wait for markets to recover as they inevitably do. Regular investment into volatile markets will recover faster because you buy at the market lows.

are there any surrender penalties?

No there aren’t any surrender penalties or entry fees on the Hallmark Account.

The account pays no upfront commission so there is no need to recover this expense, the usual reason for surrender penalties.

The administrator collects account fees quarterly in arrears. Therefore they will deduct any outstanding fees from the sale proceeds of the account. 

You will receive the value of the units at the time the custodian sells them less any outstanding fees as per the schedule above.

are there any surrender penalties?

Once your account is up and running you will receive a notification from Platform One.

This provides instructions to register for online access to your account. Read and follow these carefully and also take note of the contact details you used on the application form.

Once activated your online access will let you view the status of your account as often as you like.

Alternatively you could subscribe to our in-house valuation service this would allow you to view your PlatformOne account and any other offshore policies that you may have collected over the years.

what is the minimum investment term?

There are no minimum investment terms on the Hallmark Account.

The length of time that you make contributions or keep your capital invested is down to you.

As a result, it is possible to set up an account and then close it the following week without penalty. However, this is NOT what the Hallmark Account is designed for.

If you want to put money away for a couple of years then surrender the account this isn’t for you.

The Hallmark Account is ideal for medium and long-term savings objectives and you should use it for this purpose.

We have built flexibility into the account to help with changes in circumstances that an expat may experience. Stop, start, increase or reduce contributions as and when you need.

will i have to pay tax?

If you’re not a resident in Luxembourg then you will pay no tax there on your investment gains.

The rest depends on your nationality and where you currently live (we can’t accommodate US nationals). If you have any concerns we recommend that you take advice from a tax specialist on this.

Using risk rated funds that managers rebalance defers potential capital gains liabilities. The fund structure acts as a buffer against capital gains tax until you sell the holding and realise the gain.

Both accumulation and income units are available from the fund range. Choose accumulation units to provide some shelter from income tax on distributions as the manager reinvests them within the fund.

This may result in a larger capital gain at a later time. Investing into Income funds could mean that you are subject to income tax on subsequent fund distributions.

The above does not constitute advice and we recommend that you always seek the advice of a tax specialist.

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