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Big Commissions  Still Make Offshore Financial Products Inflexible & Expensive


Unfortunately, life insurance companies don’t have a great record when it comes to driving change. This is why governments stepped in to regulate them as self regulation just didn’t work. The issue for all expats is that this regulatory process is at very different stages around the world. Another issue is that even when it is at an advanced stage, expat communities aren’t a major priority for most regulators. Finally financial products that are designed for the local market just don’t have the portability that most expats need.

Even now most expats get lumbered with inflexible offshore life insurance products. They offer no transparency and tend to be very expensive in part due to the commissions that get paid out upfront. Even when regulators have made moves to control these commission payments the impact is negligable. The fees are just the same, commissions are still paid out only this time it is spreadout over 12-18 months.


We Know That Things Can Be  Different!


We know that things can be different and we have set out to provide a real alternative for expats. We have identified financial solutions that are portable, transparent, secure and provide real value for our clients. 

We have found investment products that provide all the offshore benefits that expats. Tax efficiency, investor protection, portability and complete flexibility the latter being something that has been missing. When we say complete flexibility we mean this. No surrender penalties, no upfront commissions, no minimum contribution periods, no lock ins.

 We’ve developed solutions for people who want to have more control over there own finances. Whether it’s reporting solutions or model portfolios we’re happy to provide support.

Protection solutions are also important and sadly often overlooked as part of the planning process for most expats. Again we have looked to give our clients flexible solutions that can adapt to the changes in their circumstances.   



Whether you’re looking for the discipline of regular savings or something less regimented we can help. We have flexible investment solutions that fulfill any expats expectations. 

Professionally managed portfolios which range across the spectrum of investment strategies will cater to the majority of ideologies.

If you’re looking to be more involved in running you’re own investment portfolio and not sure where to start. Why not purchase a model portfolio from us and subscribe for manager updates. You decide how you invest we just give you a helping hand along the way. 



Unfortunately, most international financial advisers have either forgotten the importance of providing advice on protection benefits or just ignore it. Too much work and not enough reward. Subsequently over the last decade the choices available have shrunk.

Expats generally don’t have access to a benefits system so protection is extremely important. Portability is even more important with protection benefits. A change in your circumstance can lead to a change in insurability. So if you’re policy isn’t global you may not be eligible for cover. 

We’ve got you covered with International Life, disability, income protection and health insurance


Support Services

Long-term expats can often accumulate a number of different offshore products from a range of providers. Moves may mean that you have lost touch with the adviser(s) that you established these investments with. It may be that the person that you set them up with has long since moved on and you never really gelled with their replacement.

You may not be looking for anything new just some help with what you already have.

We can help! We can provide you with a consolidated valuation service that will allow you to look at all of your investments online in one place. We can also provide a review of your current holdings plus ongoing advice.



As an expat, changes in legislation can still have a significant impact upon your finances, both current and future.

Changes in policy or government in another country can also have an impact on the global economy.  This can result in a change in the performance of your investments. Understanding this and making sure that you are prepared is key to your long-term success.

Subscribe to our blog or download the guides that we produce. We’ll help to keep you up to date with significant changes, trends and outlooks.

We also do it in a practical, easy to understand format that you may not get in the mainstream financial media. 


Find Your Financial Freedom

Individual Expats

If you’re just heading off to live and work overseas for the first time and want some advice on the important things that you need to do then we’re here and more than happy to help. You may already be an expat and need some assistance with  your financial planning then we can help. Whether it is investment, protection or just advice then we can help. Or you could be a long-term expat and have been there, seen it and done that. We can help to provide you with support on your existing investments and policies. 

We would love to hear from you!


Corporate Expats

We also help our corporate clients provide benefits packages for their expatriate staff. Whether they are in a single location or spread across the globe we can help. We can provide a full corporate benefits package or deal with individual components. It really doesn’t matter if you’re looking for international health insurance, life cover or a pension scheme we can provide flexible solutions that will change along with your organisation. Without stress and most of all without penalties.

Tell us what you need!


We’re Passionate

We love what we do and we’re committed to changing the quality of offshore financial advice that is available to expats. There has never been a better time for this as technology improves awareness and at the same time brings us all closer together. Combine this with the current innovation in the financial products and we are excited about what the future holds for expats and their finances.


We’ll Save You Money

It’s often said that you have to pay for flexibility, well not with us. We provide great value to our clients and all of the solutions that we offer are transparent and easy to understand. No nasty surprises or surrender penalties our charges are based on what you invest and not what you should have invested. On our investment solutions we actually rebate any trail commissions back to you as standard.


We’ll Give You Global Solutions

We’ve already mentioned the importance of portability when it comes to financial solutions for expats. For investments it is a matter of continuity and convenience, if you move, you’re investments don’t have to. With protection it is even more important to have portability because most domestic policies won’t continue your insurance cover after you’ve lived outside the country for 3-6 months. If you have to cancel your policy and you’ve had a serious illness in the meantime you may not get cover. So our solutions will give you the portability that you need.


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