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Offshore Life Companies aren’t known for driving change. They’ve been peddling the same expensive products to expats for decades. Inflexible, commission heavy, opaque savings plans and offshore investments.

Financial regulation is at different stages around the globe meaning a lack of consistency in the advice an expat receives.

Also expat communities are rarely a priority for a domestic regulator. Solutions designed for the local marketplace lack the portability that most expats need.

The result, big commissions and fees crush your future.

Offshore Investment






Tax Efficient

Are you an expat looking for real financial alternatives that work for you and your family? More expats want financial solutions that are portable, transparent, secure and provide value.

Offshore investment and savings have benefits an expat wants:

  • Tax efficiency,
  • Investor protection,
  • Confidentiality,
  • Complete portability. 

These are all important benefits, though normally, they come with big commissions, high fees, inflexibility and surrender penalties. You don’t have to accept this anymore.

You already know that life as an expat can have it’s share of uncertainty. So make sure your finances are adaptable.

Look for offshore investment that’s clean, transparent and flexible. No surrender penalties, upfront commissions, minimum contribution periods or lock-ins.

If it’s time for a change with your offshore investment then we can help.

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Insurance for expats


If you’re talking about investment then you should also be discussing protection. Insurance for expats is important and getting it wrong can devastate your family. When you’re an expat protection gets more complex.
When it comes to expat life insurance getting the right policy is important. Whether you need level or reducing term depends on your reasons for having it. Though in some circumstances a whole of life policy could be your best option.
It’s not just about having the right international life insurance policy. Also you have to structure them in the right way. Making sure that you set your policy up right from the start can make a big difference. It could mean your loved ones benfiting in weeks rather than years.
As for international health insurance there’s no one size fits all solution. One expat’s healthcare needs are very different to those of another. Every international health insurance has it’s niche.
Protection should be at the very top of your list of things to sort out if you’re an expat. We specialise in insurance for expats so come and let us help.

International Life, Disability & Critical Illness Insurance

Insurance for Expats & Non-Doms

Whoever you are!

Individual Expats

If you’re heading off to an expat life for the very first time it can be a daunting time. You may need help with insurance for expats or offshore investment because it’s all new to you.
We’ll help you focus on what’s important and cut through the static.
Or you could be a seasoned expat with a plan(s) in place and want to know that you’re on the right track. You may have an issue that you have questions about, for example international health insurance.
Whether it’s investment, protection or advice then we can help. 

Individual Expats

Any company with expat employees in different countries should have a group scheme. For starters it will save the company money and allow them to better benefits for employees.
Refunding employees international health insurance premiums means paying retail rates. A corporate scheme will cut costs from between 25 -40% depending on member numbers.
Similar discounts are also available on life insurance for expats.
Then there’s the admin, if you add expats to a local scheme then each time they move, there’s more paperwork. An international scheme puts a stop to this, a single application that’s all.
You may be looking for a full corporate benefits package or individual components

achieve financial freedom

you'll get passion!

We love what we do and we’re committed to changing the quality of offshore financial advice that is available to expats. There has never been a better time for this as technology improves awareness and at the same time brings us all closer together. Combine this with the current innovation in the financial products and we are excited about what the future holds for expats and their financial future.


You'll Save Money

It’s often said that you have to pay for flexibility, well not with us. We provide great value to our clients and all of the solutions that we offer are transparent and easy to understand. No nasty surprises or surrender penalties our charges are based on what you invest and not what you should have invested. On our offshore investment solutions we actually rebate any trail commissions back to you as standard.


You'll get Global Solutions

When you’re an expat having a financial plan that has portability at it’s heart is essential. A key factor in making this happen is to use global financial solutions. Making sure that you use life insurance for expats will save you time and secures your families future. International health insurance gives you choices in how and where you get treatment. Becoming an expat means you can’t take these things for granted.

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